i8Pro Max
i8Pro Max
  • i8Pro Max
  • i8Pro Max
  • i8Pro Max

i8Pro Max

₹ 799

₹ 1,500


*Market Hot demand Apple Series 8*
*7a quality* ⚡
*MODEL i8Pro Max*
*Set Owe wallpaper + Bt Calling + Scroll working* 
*Wireless pin charging cable* 
*Special features*
You can upload images to customize
phone book
call dial
Heart Rate Monitor
blood pressure monitor Blood Oxygen Monitor
sleep monitor
Multi-Sport Modes
Call or Reminder Message Call ID Display
Push information reminder (sms/qq/wechat/skype/ facebook/twitter/line/whatsapp)
Push time
automatic lighting screen Alert Type: a Vibration
Other functions: alarm clock, sedentary reminder, camera
remote control, anti-lost Body temperature measurement

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